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Choose from our Standard and SealSafe® 28mm push-in medicine bottle inserts. Prices discounted with increasing number purchased.

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These are our standard and patented SealSafe® 28mm push in medicine bottle inserts. SealSafe® inserts are manufactured in America and are difficult to find in Europe and the UK. We are one of the the few stockists. Both type of insert are an fantastic aid to measuring and dispensing liquids from 28mm medicine bottles.

These plastic bottle inserts fit a 28mm medicine bottle neck and simply push in. The Standard inserts have central hole in them to put the measuring oral syringe. The SealSafe® bottle inserts have a ‘valve’ in the top, which is ‘opened’ by the oral syringe tip as it enters. As the syringe is removed the valve reseals preventing spills and keeping the contents safe.

The bottle cap can be screwed down normally with either inserts still in place so the inserts can remain in the bottle in between doses unlike many bottle inserts which must be removed as they project out of the bottle.

We also offer 5 and 10ml oral syringes designed to be used with these inserts as a separate product line and in bundles of inserts and syringes.

Using these inserts with an oral syringe means you can easily measure out doses of liquid medicine into the graduated 5ml or 10ml syringe which are marked at 0.5ml intervals. No more spills and drips using spoons. Reduces the risk of a bottle spilling its contents if knocked over. To draw off the bottle contents, the bottle is inverted (turned upside down) with the syringe in place. It is then easy to measure the correct volume of medicine. This also means you can empty all the bottle’s contents, so no more waste.

The inserts and syringes can be washed and are reusable.

Designed to be used with our oral syringes and suitable for dispensing medicines for children and adults. Also ideal for measuring out and giving medicines to pets.

Please check the bottle is of the correct size for the inserts before you buy.
Measuring your medicine bottle – please see our video which shows how to measure the dimensions of a 28mm medicine bottle.

Measuring Medicine Bottle NeckThe internal diameter of a 28mm bottle neck is about 20mm and the external diameter of the bottle top is about 25mm. The 28mm refers to the largest diameter of the bottle neck. Shown as 27.7mm in the diagram) which is from the outer edges of the bottle cap thread. This is the industry standard for defining bottle neck sizes. We currently only stock the 28mm bottle inserts.

Inserts are non-sterile.

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